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About us

China Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to produce and process carbon steel and low alloy steel castings. The company is located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. We are mainly engaged in the casting and machining of large mechanical parts in mining machinery, cement machinery, construction machinery, forging machinery, tire molds and other industries, with the largest single piece production capacity of 25 tons.

The main customers include Nanchang Mineral Systems, Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear(Group), Ma Steel, Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries, China National Erzhong Group, Himile Group and so on. The company has more than 180 employees, including 3 senior engineers and 14 quality inspectors.

The company continues to increase investment in machining, upgrading its operating model to "machining drives casting development".The company continues to forge ahead and has got IS09001 and ISO14001 certificated. Since 2010, the company has cooperated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology to develop the ERP software for casting production management, which has achieved digital single-piece management and realized strict production process control.

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